2015 New Years Resolutions at Reflections Portraits

January 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have decided that 2015 is the year I stop putting things off that should have been done long ago. I started last year with ME. It was time to get myself fit... something that I had been letting slide for sometime. I am blessed that I am tall so it SEEMS to have disquised me bit longer than it should have. My biggest obstacle to over come was getting the time to excercise. I have now learned it is best to MAKE the time. Especially during the busiest time of year for photographers...summer! I can't believe what a difference 30 lbs can make. I used to love to excercise. Then the business of photography, kids, a busy household, an acreage to take care of and anything else that gave me an excuse not to take care of myself happened. And last year I decided to stop making excuses and as NIKE says, JUST DO IT! And now I feel AWESOME!!! My husband and Dexter (our dog) also joined me in this journey and are feeling it too!

So....I decided to make a resolution this year to do the same for my business. I have been putting off somethings at Reflections. The biggest thing is keeping in touch with all of you. I feel bad for this as all of you know, I love keeping in touch with you and watching your families grow. But I am bad about blogging, posting on facebook, updating displays, and keeping up in general. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. I am always keeping up on the new styles of photography, building new photo areas exclusive to Reflections and love doing so. But... NOT the best with showing them.. the last 3 years. Again, as with myself, It is time to JUST DO ITSo now it is January and by the end of the month I will have officially completed my new look to the Reflections website (which I LOVE). It is now viewable from mobile devices and ipads (which is long overdue). And for the first time in many years have my pricelists for the year completed! We also have new boutique packaging coming your way (which I also LOVE). And many more physical changes to the property to enhance your experience here at Reflections. We are all so excited watching this all come together!!

We can't wait for you to come experience Reflections Portraits again or for some of you the first time and see the new look for 2015.





Abbi Jackson(non-registered)
Tammy you look great! My husband came home from helping with the wedding cake and couldn't believe how much you had changed! Love love love the new website! It's so nice to have it be compatible with mobile devices. Congrats and hope the rest of your year is amazing! We'll see you soon
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