Reflections, with its creative and innovative photography, opened its doors in 1999. Tammy Arnold, owner and founder, stepped out on her own after spending 9 and one half years building on her abilities and talents under the Mike Senior Studio of Columbus. 2020 marked Tammy's 31st year in the photographic industry! We have seen a lot of changes over the last 30 years and we look forward to the changes in the future in this wonderful profession.

After Reflections outgrew their first location, the Arnolds opted for a change of scenery, purchased an acreage, and proceeded to build a photographers wonderland. From country road bridges to their own lake, Reflections is constantly creating, building, and designing new sets and backdrops to enhance the photographic experience. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold are a great team, Tammy's creative ideas come to life under Klint's capable hands.

Creativity, energy, and fun not only describe the artistry of Reflections portraits, but the knowledgeable and caring staff. For Reflections employees, customer service, graphic artistry, and creative ideas are the driving forces to forever improving the Reflections team. Keeping it fresh, new and real is a motto here at Reflections and this year we are excited to add to the array of services already provided. With all the new equipment and ever-changing technology, almost anyone can pick up a camera and take a photograph, but here at Reflections with the use of Professional lighting techniques, professional equipment and the professional services of a trained photographer, we capture your true self...the real you.

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